Who are we?

A few words about the “French Society”

Ever since Rorschach was introduced in 1930 by Swiss education researchers and psychologists, the overwhelming interest in projective methods has been constant in France within the key fields that constitute practice and research in clinical and psychopathological psychology, as well as in the fields of higher education and beyond. The Groupement Français du Rorschach was created in March 1950 as advocated by the International Association for the Rorschach founded in Zurich in 1948. From the outset, the organization of seminars, conferences and congresses, as well as the setting up of a newsletter that seeks to facilitate scientific exchange have been key objectives. In addition, in 1950, a Rorschach symposium was organized during the International Psychiatry Congress which was held in Paris. From the start, this symposium gave visibility to the studies presented by several Rorschach study groups from different countries among the medical community then reunited. Owing to the presence of francophone members from countries other than France (Algeria, Belgium, Canada, Greece, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey), the Groupement français du Rorschach, which became la Société Française du Rorschach et des méthodes projectives in 1961, was named the Société du Rorschach et des Méthodes Projectives de Langue Française in 1987. Our Society organized the 6th International Congress of Rorschach held in Paris in 1965 (500 participants from 22 countries), as well as the 13th International Congress of Rorschach and of Projective Methods in 1990 (650 participants from 30 countries). To date, the Society has more than one hundred members, field practitioners, researchers and advanced degree students. Our activities are also supported by the regular publication of a scientific journal, Psychologie clinique et projective (cf. psycINFO), as well as by the Society’s website (www.societerorschach.org) which has been highly successful if we consider the number of visits from all continents.