1. A Practical Overview of the Wartegg Drawing Completion Test. — 1 full day

(6 Hours)

Dr. Alessandro CRISI: Psy. D., Sapienza University of Rome, Founder and President of the Italian Institute of Wartegg, Visiting Professor at Graduate School for Professional Psychology at Denver University, Denver, CO. (Italy)


This workshop presents a practical introduction to Crisi Wartegg System (CWS). The WDCT is a performance-based drawing technique appropriate for children, adolescents, and adults including individuals with mental disabilities. A recent meta-analysis (2012) attests to its validity in assessing personality and psychopathology, and reliability and validity data of the CWS is commensurate with both self-report (MMPI-2) and performance-based (Rorschach) personality measures.  The CWS was also recently recognized as a valid performance-based personality method that can be used for certification in Therapeutic Assessment, given the measure’s ease of use, resonance with clients, and non-threatening nature. Topics covered in this workshop include introduction to the history of the WDCT, as well as the development of the CWS.  Reliability and validity data will be reviewed, as well as recommended clinical use and incremental validity of this measure.  Participants will learn proper administration procedures and be provided with introduction to major scoring categories of the CWS.  Applied case examples and practice scoring exercises will be collaborative reviewed.  Lastly, a variety of clinical cases examples and protocols will be provided to demonstrate both the utility of the measure and its discriminative power between clients with various presenting symptoms or challenges.